Monday, May 30, 2011

अनुराग यश लिखते हैं....

"एक पल की उम्र लेकर" सजीव सारथी की ६८ अदभुत कविताओं का संकलन है. काफी दिनों बाद कुछ ऐसा पढ़ने को मिला है जो कि 'गागर में सागर' भरने जैसा है. रचना 'विलुप्त होते किसान' जहाँ आपको धरती से जोड़ कर आन्दोलित करते हैं वहीँ लेखक की एक कविता शीर्षक 'ऐसी कोई कविता' पाठक को ठंडक देती है. कविता 'नौ महीने' एक कठोर सत्यता का एहसास कराती है तो वहीँ 'स्पर्श की गर्मी' शीर्षक कविता आपको अंदर तक भिगो कर रख देती है. कवि का देश प्रेम दिखता है 'सुलगता दर्द-कश्मीर में' और अन्य कवितायें जैसे ठप्पा, जंगल, गिरेबाँ, सूखा अलग अलग विषय होते हुए भी आपको मैथ कर रख देती है, अंत में दस क्षणिकाओं में से एक क्षणिका 'पेंडुलम' एक बुद्धिजीवी व्यक्ति की व्यथा है जो कि सजीव सारथी ने सजीव कर दी है. मेरा अपना मत है कि ये संकलन अपने आप में इतना मुक्कमल है कि अब लेखक को अब आगे न कुछ लिखने की अवश्यकता है और न समाज को कुछ और देने की.


(लेखक, निर्माता, निर्देशक)

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Nau Mahine - The Awakening Series - A Short Film based on "Ek Pal Kii Umr Lekar"

Nau Mahine - The Awakening Series - A Short Film based on "Ek Pal Kii Umr Lekar" a book released by Heavenly Baby Books publication

In India, there are less than 93 women for every 100 men in the population.

The accepted reason for such a disparity is the practice of Female Infanticide in India,

If motherhood is a bliss....
A girl child is a blessing...

Dont kill her in the womb...

This is the message we want to convey through this short film, credits are as follows, do send us your views and opinions

Poem, Script and Direction - Sajeev Sarathie
Editor - Joy Kumar
Music - Rishi S
Voice Over - Pradeep Sharma
Publishing Partner - Heavenly Baby Books

Friday, May 13, 2011

Ek Pal Kii Umr Lekar - Inaugurated at various monuments of New Delhi

Writer, Poet and Lyricist Sajeev Sarathie's debut collection "ek pal kii umr lekar" is actually a collage of life which he enjoyed in the complexities of this diversified metropolitan city called Delhi. So its obvious to have both the rustic and the sophisticated side of this huge city to be visible in almost all of his poems compiled in this collection.

We salute this never dying spirit of Delhi, while celebrating Sajeev's free flowing expressions through the eyes of Delhi wallahs in this one day session at various Delhi monuments where we shared this book of poems with these common people and feel blessed.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Ek Pal Kii Umr Lekar - A Collection Of Poems By Sajeev Sarathie

Sajeev Sarathie is a poet, lyricist and screen writer
Sajeev manage Awaaz for, which is the most famous hindi web site for music. his music career start in 2007 when he initiate music creation through online jamming for geographically scattered writers-singers-composers. his first album "pahla sur" released in feb 2008 @ world book fair, pragati maidan, new delhi. album based on legendary hindi poets "kaavyanaad"and audio story collection of premchand "suno kahani" is also groomed under his supervision. through the web site Awaaz, he provide a world wide platform to around 50 upcoming artists through 3 successful season of new music. his efforts have been showcased in "success stories" aired from FM rainbow and "aaj savere" from FM gold. he produce and still managing many popular music shows on internet like "old is gold", "mehfil-e-ghazal", "taaza sur taal", "podcast kavi sammelan", "sur sangam" etc.

Born in Kerala, brought up in New Delhi, studied in President Estate School, Rastrapati Bhavan and did the graduation in B.Com (Hons) from Moti Laal Nehru College, Delhi University, now working in dept of post, sajeev belongs to a middle class family. his life is all about "sahitya" "sangeet" and "cinema". he is simple, energetic and full of ideas, love to do various things at a time....married to Annie, and blessed with 2 beautiful children Steven and Kristin, he loves his family and his friends from the core of his heart.

Heavenly Baby Books proudly presents a collection of his poems in a book titled "Ek Pal Kii Umr Lekar" (Hindi), which will announce an official release soon. Here is the first look